Elo Singletouch (USB)

Supported Devices

Elo Smartset USB Controllers:

Setup Parameters

Touch Screen TypeRegistry Key

Calibration / Reset

Calibrating the touchscreen:

  1. Go to IGEL Setup > User interface > Input > Touchscreen.
  2. Set Touchscreen already calibrated to false. Registry Key
  3. Set Touchscreen Type to Elo Singletouch (USB). Registry Key
  4. Reboot the device or click Main menu > Accessories > Touchscreen Calibration to use the IGEL touchscreen calibration tool.

    This will call the proprietary ELO Singletouch calibration tool which is located at /etc/opt/elo-usb/elova. The calibration parameter will be saved in /wfs/elo-usb.d/USBConfigData.


Is not supported.

Multi Monitor

Multiple ELO Singletouch USB touchscreens on a single IGEL TC are supported. Calibration of a second ELO Singletouch USB touchscreen can be done via command line by using: /etc/opt/elo-usb/elova --videoscreen=2 where 2 is the second ELO Singletouch USB touchscreen connected to the IGEL TC.

To view a list of video and USB touchscreen devices available for calibration, use the command: /etc/opt/elo-usb/elova --viewdevices.