Supported Devices

EETI eGalax eMPIA USB touch screens

Setup Parameters

Calibration / Reset

Calibrating the touchscreen:

  1. Go to IGEL Setup > User interface > Input > Touchscreen.
  2. Set Touchscreen already calibrated to false. Registry Key
  3. Set Touchscreen Type to eGalax. Registry Key
  4. Reboot the device or click Main menu > Accessories > Touchscreen Calibration to use the IGEL touchscreen calibration tool.

    This will call the proprietary EETI calibration tool which is located at /usr/bin/eCalib. The calibration parameter will be saved in /wfs/egtouch.d.


Activating the hold to right-click feature:

  1. Enable the option Emulate right button under Userinterface > Input > Touchscreen. Registry Key
  2. Set under Right button timeout the time after which right-click is generated. Registry Key

Multi Monitor

Is not supported.