Maintenance Subscription Lifecycle

Maintenance Subscription Period

The maintenance subscription period starts when a license is generated using the activation key in the IGEL Activation Portal. Its duration is 1 or 3 years, after which the maintenance subscription expires.

After the expiration the customer can continue using the product but will not be able to update to any version that has been released after the expiration date.

Maintenance Subscription Renewal

The customer can extend their maintenance subscription period by buying a maintenance subscription renewal

The renewal has to be initially activated in the IGEL Activation Portal. It seamlessly extends the maintenance subscription by another 1 or 3 years.

If the customer lets the maintenance subscription expire without renewal they can only purchase a wholly new maintenance subscription, paying the initial product fee.

Restoring and Migrating a Maintenance Subscription

Licenses registered with your UMS installation will be stored in your UMS database. Thus, if you restore your UMS installation from a database backup, either on the same or on a new host, your maintenance subscription license will be restored as well.