Audio Stuttering /Poor Quality When Using a Headset


Audio is stuttering and/or of poor quality when using a headset. It cannot be improved by changing software settings.


You may be using a headset with a 4-conductor audio plug on a device with a 3-conductor socket.


You can use all 4-conductor plugs (TRRS type) with the following IGEL devices:

Some 4-conductor-plugs may not work properly with the following IGEL devices. If this is the case for your headset, we recommend using 3-conductor audio plugs (TRS type) with:

4-conductor plugs are often used for mobile phone headsets that combine stereo headphones with a microphone. See the difference in the picture below (3 conductors on the left, 4 condictors on the right):

A 3-Conductor Audio Plug (left) and a 4-Conductor Audio Plug (right)

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