Copying Database Contents

  1. Start IGEL Universal Management Suite Administrator.
  2. Use Datasource > Add... to create a new SQL Server datasource, using the settings from the previous section.

    New Datasource

  3. Select the rmdb ... Embedded DB entry and click Copy.
  4. Select the newly created SQL Server entry as the target and click OK.


  5. Enter the password and click OK to start the copying.
  6. When the copying has completed, test the database connection by clicking Test and entering the password.

    Testing the Database Connection.

  7. If the test was successful, select the SQL Server datasource and click Activate.
  8. Enter the password to confirm the activation.

    Now the Microsoft SQL Server is set up as the datasource. From now on, back up the SQL Server in order to back up UMS data.

    The same way you can go back to the embedded database, if you need.