Assigning the Custom Logo

  1. Click User Interface > Screen Lock/Saver > Screensaver.

    With IGEL Linux version 5.08.100 you find these settings also in the gathered Corporate Design section under System > Firmware Customization.

  2. Activate Enable image display.
  3. Enter the Image file/directory you have defined under Thin Client file location during Assigning a Picture.

    If you enter a folder instead of a single image file as the source, all images in the folder will be displayed as a slide show. The display time for the images can be configured.

  4. Activate One image per monitor if you use more than one monitor and if you want to show different pictures on each screen.
  5. Under Image duration specify the time in seconds that you want to wait befor the image is to be changed.
  6. Under Image display mode you can choose between the following different image actions: