Resetting a Thin Client with unknown Administrator Password


An administrator password has been set on IGEL Linux (via Setup > Security > Password > Administrator) but it has been lost.


The local setup is not accessible without the password. Also, resetting the device to factory defaults seems impossible.

  1. Hold down the ESC key while booting the thin client.

    This will bring up the Boot Menu.

    Boot Menu

  2. Choose Reset to factory defaults and press Enter.

    The following will be displayed:


  3. Press Enter three times without supplying a password.


  4. Enter c and press Enter.

    The software will then display a terminal key. Make a note of it, as you need it for requesting the reset to defaults key from IGEL.

  5. Request a reset to defaults key from IGEL. Write an email to containing

    The IGEL service team will mail you the reset to defaults key.

  6. In the current session, enter e and press Enter to shutdown the thin client.
  7. On receiving the reset to defaults key, repeat steps 1 to 3 to boot the thin client with the same terminal key.
  8. Enter c and press Enter. You will be prompted to enter the reset to defaults key.

    Enter the Reset to Defaults Key

  9. Enter the reset to defaults key. Enter "yes" and press Enter to confirm resetting the client. All local thin client settings will be lost.

Should you enter the wrong key or mistype the key you will have to resume from step 1.

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