Unattended/silent installation of UMS console


After a UMS server update an update of UMS Console on client machines is needed.


Perform the following steps for an unattended/ silent UMS Console installation:

  1. Create a config file:

    In cmd or powershell:

    C:\[download directory]\setup-igel-ums-win32_x.y.z.exe /saveinf="[config-file]"

  2. Use the wizard displayed to complete the installation while recording it to the config file
  3. Install:

    C:\[download-directory]\setup-igel-ums-win32_x.y.z.exe /loadinf="[config-file]" /silent
    An installer window prompting the user may appear, but the installation will complete in the background regardless.

    This applies only to the Windows installer.

    IGEL's Terms & Conditions apply.