Preparing the Thin Client Operating System

Uninstalling the IGEL system from the thin client will void your entitlement to software support from IGEL.

After uninstalling the IGEL system you can only re-install it locally from a snapshot on a USB storage device.

  1. Log on to the thin client as administrator:
    1. Select Start > Log Off, holding down the Shift key
    2. Hold down the Shift key until the logon window is shown.
    3. Log on as the Administrator user with the password administrator.

      In a production system, the administrator password should be changed after the first logon.

  2. Disable the File Based Write Filter (FBWF) by unchecking it in the IGEL Setup under System > File Based Write Filter


  3. Reboot the thin client.

    The FBWF status is shown as disabled (red icon) in the taskbar:


  4. Log on to the thin client as administrator (see above).

    Click Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features > IGEL System > Uninstall.

    The thin client reboots.

    Uninstalling IGEL System

  5. Log on to the thin client as administrator (see above).
  6. Run the batch file C:\IGEL\bin\igel_sysprep.bat.

    This executes the Windows Sysprep mechanism.

    The thin then client boots into a minimal Linux system and is ready to capture the operating system image in the next step.

    Starting the Sysprep Mechanism