Authenticating with Evidian Authentication Manager

You can connect to Citrix, RDP and VMware Horizon roaming sessions using RFID badges with Evidian Authentication Manager (AuthMgr). Custom commands are supported as well.


Configuring an Evidian Authentication Manager Session

  1. Go to Sessions > Evidian AuthMgr > Evidian AuthMgr Sessions in the thin client setup.
  2. Add a new session.
  3. Go to Sessions > Evidian AuthMgr > Evidian AuthMgr Sessions > [Session Name] > Connection.
  4. Enter the User Access Service URL including protocol, name or IP address and port number ([protocol]://[host]:[port]/soap).
  5. Enter the Roaming Session Secret.
  6. When using HTTPS, select the User Access Server's CA root certificate on the thin client as CA certificate.
  7. Select the desired Session Type in Options.

    This will make Evidian Authentication Manager use the first configured session of its type, e.g. RDP. Make sure that a session is configured.

    If you choose Custom commands you need to supply the commands. You can find further options in the IGEL Universal Desktop Linux manual.

  8. Start the new session by clicking on its icon in the Start Menu. Alternatively, reboot the thin client. In the default autostart setting the Evidian Authentication Manager for your session will start automatically and wait for an RFID badge to be placed on the reader.

    You can only start a single instance of an Evidian Authentication Manager session.

Configuring Citrix/RDP/VMware Horizon Sessions

Using a Custom Configuration File

Instead of using the settings provided by IGEL setup you can enable a Custom configuration file under Options. Then all the other session settings will be ignored. You find a commented template for the configuration file at /etc/rsUserAuth/rsUserAuth.ini.

Logging in with Evidian Authentication Manager

  1. Place your RFID badge on the RFID reader (or tap the reader with it, if you configured Tapping Mode)
  2. Your Citrix/RDP/VMware Horizon session will open if an active roaming session for your user already exists. If it does not, you will be presented with a password prompt for the user's Active Directory password.
  3. Remove your RFID badge (or tap the reader again) to disconnect from the session.


Custom Commands

Debugging and Troubleshooting