E-Mail Settings for Gmail Accounts


You want to send views from the IGEL Universal Management Suite by email using a Gmail account.


In order to allow UMS to send mails via Gmail, you need to make the following setting in your Google account:

  • Log in to Google
  • Go to My Account > Sign-in & security > Connected apps & sites
  • Set Allow less secure apps to ON.
  1. Go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mail Settings.
  2. Enter smtp.gmail.com as the SMTP Host.
  3. Enter your Gmail adress as the Sender Address.
  4. Check Activate SMTP Auth.
  5. Enter your Gmail address as the SMTP User.
  6. Enter your Gmail password as the SMTP Password.
  7. Enter 465 as the SMTP Port.
  8. Activate SMTP SSL only.
  9. Enter the address you want administrative mails from UMS sent to in Mail recipient.
  10. Click Send Test Mail to test your settings.

    Mail Settinngs for Gmail

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