Smartcard Operation Folder

In this folder you create the new profile Smartcard Login:

  1. Right-click the folder Smartcard Operation.
  2. Choose New Profile.
  3. Enter a Profile Name, e.g. Smartcard Login.
  4. Click Security > Logon > IGEL Smartcard.
  5. Enable Login with IGEL Smartcard.

    Alternatively, choose Enable IGEL Smartcard without Locking Desktop for an operation mode where the thin clients are accessible without smartcards, and smartcards can be used for launching additional personalized sessions. Please note that this parameter has been removed with IGEL Linux version 10.02.120.

  6. Enter your Company Key.

    Smartcard Logon

Later on, this profile will be applied to all thin clients where the authentication process shall work only with smartcard.

This way the thin clients will receive