Identical IGEL Device Names in Windows Server CAL Management


You want to license your IGEL Linux v5 thin clients to access a Windows Server via RDP (device CALs). The license management console of the Windows Server shows multiple identical device names for IGEL thin clients.


The clients' device names are shortened by mistake and only the first 15 (of 17) characters of each device name show up in the CAL management.


There are three options in IGEL registry parameter

  1. Legacy Mode (default)

    This option doesn't change anything. Each client will obtain a valid license but the list of licensed devices may show multiple identical device names.

  2. Fixed Mode (recommended for new devices to be licensed for the first time)

    This option forces the client to use a shorter - but unique - device name. Each client will obtain a valid license and show up in the list of licensed devices with a unique name.

    Clients which have already obtained a license will change their device name and obtain a new license matching the new name. So setting this option may cause the server to deploy a significant higher number of licenses.

  3. Migrate CALs (recommended for already licensed devices showing the symptom mentioned above)

    This option apparently doesn't change anything at first. Each client will keep a license obtained earlier and the list of licensed devices may show identical device names. But on every boot of the client the validity of the device CAL will be checked. A valid license will be kept and the client's name remains the same. An expired license will switch the client to Fixed Mode, so the new license will be requested using a unique device name. This setting will clean up the list of licensed devices within the expiration period of the device CALs.

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