Updating host assignment for job execution

Job execution in UMS uses a thin client to UMS server mapping to avoid multiple executions of one job with the same thin client. If an UMS server is migrated, this mapping needs to be adjusted.

Since UMS version 4.08 the mapping is relevant for HA installations only. In default (single instance) installations, the host assignments do not need to be adjusted. In older UMS versions (<= 4.07) OR HA installations please follow the steps below.

  1. Click UMS Network > Server > [new server] in the UMS Administration tree in the UMS Console of the new server.
  2. Find the process ID of the new server.

    Process ID

  3. Click Misc > Scheduled Jobs > Host Assignments.
  4. Select the new server and check the process ID.
  5. Activate Show all under Available thin clients.
  6. Select all thin clients in List View on the right side.

    To select all files set the focus in the list and press Ctrl+a.

  7. Click the left arrow to assign the thin clients to the new host.

    Host Assignment