Migrating Firmware Updates, Files, Thin Client Licenses

Firmware updates and files are located in UMS web resources. Following types of web resources are possible:

Two predefined system web resources:

  • e08ce61-d6df-4d2b-b44a-14c1ec722c44
  • ums_filetransfer

Optional user defined web resources:

listed in UMS Administrator > Settings >

Snapshots – File source

As of UMS Version 5.01.100 there are only predefined system web resources.

Migrating predefined web resources

Migrating user defined web resources

  1. Open the UMS Administrator on the old server.
  2. Click UMS Administrator > Settings > Snapshots – File source to get a list of user defined web resources.
  3. Check the same list on the new server and create the missing local target folders under Document base path, if necessary.
  4. Copy the files of each web resource from the old server to the new server with the WEB-INF folder, if not already present on the new server.