Installing a Calculator on IGEL Linux


You may want to have a desktop calculator.

  1. Download the opensource java calculator from:

    The default download location of the local Firefox browser is /tmp/<file name>.

  2. Open a Local Terminal and log in as root
  3. Copy the downloaded .jar file from the /tmp/ directory to /wfs/simplecalc.jar:

    cp /tmp/<file name> /wfs/simplecalc.jar

    It is important to copy the file to /wfs because otherwise the file would be flushed with a reboot.

  4. Open IGEL Setup and create a new custom application: System > Firmware Customization > Custom Application
  5. Set Command to java -jar /wfs/simplecalc.jar inSettings
  6. Click the newly created icon on the desktop to run the custom application.

    To distribute this application to several thin clients please use the file transfer option in IGEL UMS and set up a profile with the custom application configuration.

    IGEL's Terms & Conditions apply.