Attaching Thin Client to Monitor (VESA Mount)

With the IGEL VESA Mount you can mount the thin client on the back of your monitor to free up space on your desk.

IGEL VESA Mount fits to all flat-panel monitors, complying with the VESA75 or VESA100 standard.

Do not use the IGEL VESA for mounting a thin client horizontally, e.g. at the underside of a desk! This would lead to overheating due to insuffient ventilation.


The IGEL VESA Mount consists of two metal plates and eight screws (4 x M3XL10 for the thin client plate / 4 x M4XL8 for the monitor plate):


On delivery the two plates are placed together. To separate them push the monitor plate with a light raising movement in the direction of the arrow.

Mounting the Monitor Plate

Mounting the Thin Client Plate

Pushing the Plates together