Useful Window Settings

Setting the Start Monitor or Fullscreen Mode:

  1. Click the name of your session under Sessions in the IGEL setup, e.g. RDP > RDP Sessions.
  2. Click [Session Name] > Window to configure the window settings.

    Window Settings

    For the function "2nd monitor as Start Monitor" the Window Size has to be set to fullscreen.

Setting the Multi Monitor Fullscreen Mode

  1. Click Window in the global folder of your session, e.g. RDP > RDP Global > Window.
  2. Configure the window settings.

    Multi Monitor setting

Defining the Taskbar

  1. Click User Interface > Desktop > Taskbar.
  2. Define the Taskbar settings.

    Toolbar settings

    If you want to expand the taskbar onto all monitors, you have to ensure that the screens are aligned to the bottom. Otherwise, you will see only half of the taskbar on one monitor.