Deploying Client Licenses without UMS

Import a license manually from a FAT32 formatted USB stick if any of the following applies:

Upgrading Licenses Using a USB Stick

  1. Save the *.lic file in the licenses folder on the USB stick.
  2. Connect the USB stick to your device.

The next step differs between Linux and Windows devices:

Linux Devices

  1. Open the Application Launcher.
  2. Click System > Upgrade License

    or Upgrade feature set if you use Linux V4.

    The system automatically recognizes the valid license.

  3. Click Apply to import the license.

Windows Devices

  1. Doubleclick the quick setup symbol in the task bar: Quick setup symbol.

    The IGEL Device Information window opens.

  2. Click Import IGEL licenses in the About tab.

    Windows Explorer opens.

  3. Select your *.lic file under [USB]:\licenses and confirm.