Importing Users from AD to UMS

After connecting the Active Directory you can import users or user groups to the UMS:

  1. Click System > Administrator Accounts.

    The Administrator Accounts window opens:

    Administrator Accounts

  2. Click Import to log in to the AD/LDAP service.
  3. Select the domain and enter your credentials, if not already defined.
  4. Click Next to open the Active Directory browser.
  5. Select individual users or groups from the structure tree of your AD.
  6. Use drag and drop to add your selection to the Selected Entries list.

    As an alternative to navigating in the structure tree, you can also add users or groups to your selection using the Search function.

  7. Click Next and confirm to start the import.

    A result list of imported accounts opens.

  8. Click Finish to complete the import.


If the result list is either empty or accounts are missing from the list, the Active Directory user accounts may have an empty User Principal Name (UPN). This occurs when updating an older Active Directory (e.g. on Windows NT 4.0) to a new one and migrating the AD user accounts to the new AD.

To solve this problem: