Importing SSL Certificates (ICA, RDP, Horizon)

If a CA certificate is missing for RDP, ICA or Horizon, you can copy it from a USB storage device to the thin client:

  1. Connect your USB storage device to the thin client.
  2. Launch a Terminal session or press CTRL+ALT+F11 to log in as ROOT on the Linux console of the thin client.
  3. Create a directory for certificates:

    mkdir /wfs/ca-certs

  4. Change to the directory:

    cd /wfs/ca-certs

  5. Get the name of your USB storage device:

    ls /userhome/media

  6. Copy the certificate to the client:

    cp /userhome/media/<name of your USB storage device>/<certificate path> /wfs/ca-certs

  7. Check whether the certificate was transferred:

    ls -al /wfs/ca-certs

  8. End the terminal session or press CTRL+ALT+F1 to exit the console.

    The certificates you have saved will be available when you boot up the thin client next time.