Migrating a UMS Server


You want to migrate your IGEL Universal Management Suite to a new server.


The following scenarios can occur when migrating the UMS to a new server:


Some server configurations are host specific and need to be transferred to the new UMS host.

Examples of server configurations are:

Migrating server configuration to the new host

Migration of an UMS server version 5.04.100 or older to UMS server version 5.05.100 or newer.

  1. Click File > Export Server Configuration.
  2. Choose the target path and confirm.
  3. Copy the exported file to the new server host.
  4. Click Backup in the UMS Administrator application.
  5. Click on Change next to the Directory entry field to choose the directory where the exported file is stored.
  6. Choose the respective server configuration in the backup list.
  7. Click on Restore.
  8. Choose the respective components and click OK.
  9. Confirm the Restore dialog.


With the same embedded Database

With the same external Database

With a different Database

Migrating firmware updates, files, thin client licenses, host assignments