Additional Installation

The procedure for installing additional UMS servers is similar to the first UMS installation, but you do not need to create a new network token. Instead, you select the token created previously on the first server during installation to allow new servers to be integrated into the HA network. You should therefore save the token on a storage medium which is accessible to the server (e.g. on the network or on a portable storage medium such as a USB stick) before installation.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Take the current version of the IGEL Universal Management Suite from the first server installation and launch the installer by running the EXE file.

    You will need administrator rights for the computer in order to install IGEL UMS.

  2. Read and confirm the license agreement and the explanation of the installation process.
  3. Select a path for the installation and the components to be installed.

    In this case: HA network with server and load balancer.

  4. Confirm the message regarding the licensing of the HA Extension.
  5. Disable the option for creating an IGEL network token.
  6. Load the token created previously (specify save location).
  7. Choose a name for the entry in the Windows Start Menu.
  8. Read the summary and start the installation process.
  9. Close the program once the installation is complete.

The IGEL Universal Management Suite server as well as a Load Balancer will now run on this computer.

The Windows installer creates entries in the Start Menu. An icon for launching the UMS console will also be placed on the desktop.