Creating Thin Client Structures

You may freely organize your thin client structure in the IGEL UMS tree.

Take advantage of this freedom and build well thought out, intelligent directory structures. How deeply you want to structure your tree is up to you. The system allows you to nest directories as deeply as you want.

It would be advisable to arrange the directories referring to your company's structure.

You could classify the thin clients according to branch offices, departments or tasks, for example:

Thin Client structure

TC fine structure

Keep in mind that you also need a smart structure for automatic registration with indirect profiles. Thin clients will inherit the profiles assigned to the root directory they are subordinated to.

TIP: We advise you against arranging the clients depending on different operating systems. You may think it will be easier to assign updates if you separate the clients according to their systems. But this is not the case. The upgrade process works automatically. If you assign an update to a directory, only the relevant thin clients will be addressed. If you need to filter the clients depending on their systems, you can easily do this with a View.