Preparing the Update

Perform the following steps before updating a server:

  1. Download the current version of IGEL Universal Management Suite from the IGEL download server and distribute the installer file to all systems with UMS components (server, load balancer, consoles).
  2. Call up the list of servers and load balancers in the HA network in the administration area of the UMS console and check whether the listed components really exist in the network. Delete orphaned entries before starting the process for updating the components.

    List of Server

  3. Create a backup of your database before starting the update installation.

    Warning: It is not possible to install a UMS version which is older than the current one. If you want to change to an older version, you will need to install a separate HA network and restore a database backup of the corresponding schema. This is also one of the reasons why you should back up the running system before updating the UMS HA network.