Distributing the Language Pack

This way the language pack files can be distributed as a partial update to the thin clients via UMS:

Creating a Language Pack Profile:

  1. Click Profiles > New Profile to open the New Profile mask.
  2. Enter a Profile Name, e.g. "Language Pack".
  3. Base the profile on your current IGEL Universal Desktop WES firmware.
  4. Click OK to open the new profile.
  5. Click System > Update > Partial Update to open the Partial Update mask.
  6. Choose FTP as the Protocol.
  7. Enter the Hostname, the Port Number (usually 21 with FTP) and the Path where you have stored the language pack.
  8. Enter a User name and Password if necessary.
  9. Click Save to save the settings.
  10. Assign the profile to a group of thin clients under Assigned objects.

Creating a new Scheduled Job:

In order to execute a scheduled job, you must ensure that the thin clients are turned on. Otherwise, you could activate them by executing a Wake-up job beforehand.

  1. Click New Scheduled Job in the context menu of Jobs in the UMS tree structure.

    The New Job mask opens.

  2. Enter a job Name in the Details tab.
  3. Choose Partial update under Command.
  4. Select an Execution time and a Start date.
  5. Add the folder of your thin clients in the Assignment tab.

The process for updating the language pack will start at the specified time.

Ensure that all selected thin clients are turned on.