Importing Upgrade Licenses

The licenses are connected to the MAC addresses of the clients. You can see this if you open the license file.

At first you have to find out which clients need the new license. The MAC addresses should then be mailed to IGEL Technology GmbH and IGEL will return the license ready to be rolled out automatically via the UMS.

  1. Click UMS Administration > Global configuration > Thin Client Licenses in the UMS console to open the license management window.
  2. Click Export Unit ID list, to export MAC addresses to a csv file. A list of options helps you to filter your thin clients.
  3. Send this csv file to IGEL Technology GmbH to request license files for the selected devices.

    IGEL will send you the new license files with the relevant MAC addresses integrated.

  4. Click in the Thin Client Licenses window to select the file.
  5. Browse your directories for the lic file and define the File target.
  6. Click OK to upload the new file to the license list of the management window.

When you restart the thin client the new license will be rolled out to the selected devices.