Updating from UMS 3 to UMS 4 with HA Extension

For individual server systems, the update from UMS 3 to UMS 4 can be carried out in the usual way by creating a backup of the UMS database and then installing the new UMS version over the existing one.

To use the high availability extension, however, you will need a number of servers as well as an external database. For this reason, an update often involves migrating the UMS server and the (embedded) database.

The procedure for moving the UMS server with an internal database to a UMS HA network is described below.

The move involves the following steps:

  1. Backing up and, if necessary, cleaning existing data.
  2. Setting up the new database.
  3. Transferring the data from the existing database to the new one.
  4. Updating the existing UMS server. Connecting the new servers to the new database.
  5. Licensing the HA extension.
  6. Installing additional components for the UMS HA network.

    HA Update from UMS 3 to UMS4