Uploading the Firmware to the PXE Server

  1. Open the web interface in a web browser. The URL is https://<IP address of server>. For defining the IP address, see Configuring the Network Settings.

    If the browser presents a certificate warning, you can ignore it. The CA (certificate authority) is unknown to the administration computer because the certificate is self-signed.

  2. Enter the password for the web interface. The default password is igel; it should be changed as soon as possible.

    The web interface opens.

  3. Click the button next to Select firmware and select the appropriate file (UDC2Stick_[version].zip and iso files) on the administration computer.

    For UDC3, the firmware name is UD2Stick_10<subversion>.zip.

  4. Click Upload.

    The upload process starts.

    When the upload is finished, the Deployment Appliance starts to prepare the firmware.

    When the preparation is finished, the System Information is updated as followed:

    The Deployment Appliance is ready for firmware deployment.